Pilates Mind and Body

with Kate Jeans

I run classes at the following places and times:



 Day​/ Time

Ninesprings Natur​al Health Centre, Yeovil

Improvers/Beginners welcome

Tuesday 9.45am

Ninesprings ​Natural Healt​h Centre, Yeovil


Tuesday 11am

Stourton Ca​undle Village Hall


 Wednesday 9.15am

Stourt​on Caundle V​illage Hall

 *NEW CLASS* Beginners/Improvers

 Wednesday 10.30am

Ninesprin​gs Natura​l Health Centre, Yeovil

Improvers/Beginners welcome

Wednesday 5pm

Ninesprings Natu​ral Health Centre, Yeovil​


Wednesday 6pm

Church House, Milborne​ Port


Thursday 9.30am

Church House, Milborne Port


Thursday 10.45am

 Stourton Caundle Village H​all


 Thursday 6.45pm

Matclasses are £8 per session at Ninesprings, £7 at Milborne Port and £8.50 in Stourton Caundle, payable in half termly blocks. New clients are welcome to pay-as-you-go for a few classes before signing up.

Have you considered 1-1 Pilates?

If you're rehabilitating from an injury or surgery, have been diagnosed with a musculoskeletal condition or a neurological condition then 1-1 sessions can be great to focus on just you and your individual needs. Or you may just enjoy a session to yourself rather than being part of a class. I can come to your home and charge £45 per hour.